Geopathic Stress

30 Jan 2020 Admin

Geopathic Stress in your living place is like sitting inside an invisible furnace. The ill-effects it causes are invisible to you and the issues persist despite whatever remedial measures taken so far. Geopathic Stress Correction solves this problem.

In Geopathic Stress correction, the place is scanned for negative radiation under the surface of houses & business places and the unwanted effects (Geopathic Stress) is corrected by suitable corrective measures which are very simple and efficient.

The Geopathic Stress correction has proven miracles in the cases that Dr A. Meenakshi has dealt with. There have been many situations where the person who lived in a place was in deep negative stress such as chronic health issue or loss of revenue and/or wealth. Once the Geopathic Stress correction was done, there was immediate recovery.